“The dance is over, the applause subsided but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever.”
- W. M. Tory
  1. Beyond the Edges
    Beyond the Edges
  2. I'm here, we're here
    I'm here, we're here
  3. Furtherance to Occlusion
    Furtherance to Occlusion
  4. Monomyth
  5. Fear?
  6. Homesick Blues
    Homesick Blues
  7. Multimodal
  8. Dear L, Love C
    Dear L, Love C
  9. Path to Peace
    Path to Peace
  1. Beyond the Edges
    Choreography: Alison Wilson Dancers: Anna Rodimtseva, Jessica Shaker, Crystal Sutherland, & Alicia Wilson Columbia College Chicago Choreographic Project Concert: move-meant Spring 2015
  2. Furtherance to Occlusion
    Choreography: Rebecca Huang Dancers: Maria Natalia Corradin, Amanda Gross, Hilary Mason, Christina Pouagare, Crystal Sutherland, Duoduo Wang, & Michelle Zurita Columbia College Chicago Student Performance Night Spring 2016
  3. Dear L, Love C
    Choreography: Crystal Sutherland Dancers: Michael Knight, Sarah Dewey, Michael Brown, & Crystal Sutherland Madison Contemporary Vision Dance Path to Healing (2017)
  4. The Path to Peace
    Choreography: Michael Knight Dancers: Miye Bishop, Michael Brown, Udbahv Desai, Julianna Edge, Michelle Hanson, Victoria Kemnetz, Ally Kenison, Tyler Nemmers, Alex Nosrati-Schultz, Taylor Olson, Kacy Prange, Sara Rohs, & Crystal Sutherland Madison Contemporary Vision Dance Path to Healing (2017)
Repertory Performance Workshop 2016

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"Monomyth" by Pamela McNeil
"Fear?" by Dr. Lorenzo "Rennie" Harris
"Homesick Blues" by Jessica Miller Tomlinson

Dancers: Dwight Alaba, Lani Anderson, Keisha Bennett, Colleen Hudon, Amber Johnson, Lexus Karedes, AaLiyah Leonard, Hilary Mason, Megan O'Toole, Crystal Sutherland, & Whitney Wilder

Columbia College Chicago
Repertory Performance Workshop & Faculty Concert Spring 2016